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 Miura Shohei

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Tachibana Kyohei» Admin ◘ I ♥ Every
Tachibana Kyohei
Avatar : Kamenashi Kazuya
Pseudo : Lauly
Date de naissance : 23/06/1988
Age : 30
That's what i do there : Magicien o/
What about love ? : Fièrement marié à ma co-admin afufu 8D
How I feel : Thinking... about how awesome we are

Miura Shohei Goomcugq

Messages : 2666

Dim 23 Nov - 22:43
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Miura Shohei HWaHuxw Miura Shohei ZMTaeMa

Miura Shohei ST1GzTP Miura Shohei CU53BLz

Miura Shohei Ytw5rdn Miura Shohei 5FbGOSS

I wanna love somebody like you
I'm breathin' deeper than I've ever done and it sure feels good, to finally feel the way I do. I wanna be the man that you run to whenever I call on you when everything that loved someone finally found it's way.
Sekino Naoki» The sexiest admin
Sekino Naoki
Messages : 2617

Jeu 25 Déc - 23:25
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Miura Shohei Pwe3nPC Miura Shohei GO9kvEd
Miura Shohei 2bKpqaW Miura Shohei YMsxx5d


I'm the boss here

It's so hard to explain why things change that much. Yesterday, I was nothing, a poor man lost in nowhere, who couldn't even tell where he's going. I was meant to be powerful, to be someone special. Now it's your turn to realize. I'm the master of the game. Me'ow

I'm the Evil Raccoon:
Kiritani Ayumi» I ❤ Nishinaka
Kiritani Ayumi
Avatar : Horikita Maki
Pseudo : Yuki
Date de naissance : 04/08/1990
Age : 28
That's what i do there : Présentatrice télé & Animatrice radio
What about love ? : Je suis une princesse à la recherche de son prince ♥ Ou d'une autre princesse ♥ Je suis l'amour avec un grand A d'une certaine déess mais personne ne le sait encore... Même pas nous ♥
How I feel : Merry christmas, faisons le sapiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin ♥️

Miura Shohei Tumblr_lwdfnddhWq1r6vyodo1_500-1
Messages : 1664

Mar 14 Juil - 17:08
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Miura Shohei Sho_110       Miura Shohei Shohei10
Miura Shohei Sho_210       Miura Shohei Shohei11
Miura Shohei Shohei12       Miura Shohei Sho10
Miura Shohei Shohei13       Miura Shohei Sho_310
Miura Shohei
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